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Double Exposure Wedding Photography Tips

Several new techniques have emerged and are at play in the domain of photography. Professional photographers are artists who convey stories through their captured frames. Leading experts of the field often apply different gimmicks to bring to make their captures as emoted as possible. The ‘Double Exposure’ trend is one such technique which aims at depicting greater emotions in their every photograph.

The technique

As the name of the technique suggests, double exposure is a practice where two images are amalgamated together to create an offbeat, artistic and well emoted single image. This technique gives a rather interesting look to the photograph where the photographer successfully narrates a story which is difficult to deliver through a single picture. The techniques arranges the two images in layers that finally gives a surreal feel to the photo and the image as a whole reflects deep feelings through symbolism.

Requires skill and experience

These pictures might look interesting and something that anyone can create, but this is far from truth. Only experienced professional photographers have mastered the art of using this technique to breathe in a greater index of feelings and emotions into their work. To pull this off well you must have an understanding and a knack of choosing the right set of photographs that can be coupled to tell a story in a successful manner. Let us take a look at certain guidelines and tips that can be used for mesmerizing and meaningful Pre-Wedding Photography.

Begin with quality photographs

The best initiation of the process can happen with taking the right kind of photographs which can be blended together for the effect in your mind. Pre-calculate the images in your mind at the time of taking the photographs. Images with a high contrast that has very sharp blacks and whites are ideally suited for the purpose. Silhouettes are a form that never fails to impress in this kind of photography.

Adjustment of light play

This is in fact one of the most important technical parts that must be worked out right so that the final image is an impressive one. Simple step like lighten, darken, overlay, screen and multiply can create the final effect that you are looking for in the image. Often getting the exact image balance might need several adjustments and changes before you get it right and to your liking. This adjustment is required in each of the images that need to be blended and not on the image that results after the two images have been amalgamated. Independent adjustment helps to create better layers in the final image.

Try different adjustments

Since two pictures are being arranged in layers with interplay of dark and light spots, several schematic arrangements can be attained out of the same two images. Some of the technical schematic arrangements are those of ‘darken’, ‘multiply’, ‘lighten’, ‘screen’, ‘overlay’, etc. As the creator of the image you need to try these different arrangements to finally see which one of them looks the most appealing.

Have an emotional story to convey

At the very onset of the process remember that the technique of double exposure is used to convey an emotional story. Since this is a wedding photography project that w are taking about you must have a romantic story ringing with emotions of ‘ever-after’ must be at hand. The style of projecting the story must be clear and detailed in your mind. In fact have this story ready at the time of taking the photographs. So that the final projection is nothing but a cakewalk!

Artificial backdrop

It is quite possible that you might not be able to get two images that can be blended perfectly. In such a situation first select an image that will be used as the backdrop of the final image. Ten you can go about taking the second photograph which will be the one that will serve to be the top layer can be shot against a seamless background. You can use the technique where the second picture is shot against a green or white cloth or background. This is in fact one of the most common approaches that is used in films while preparing for VFX effects, etc.

Time proven ideas

When you are dealing with double exposure photographs that are to be used for wedding ceremonies then there are certain ideas and pictures which can never go wrong. These are some of the ideas that seldom go wrong. Hence when in doubt you can always go for themes like sunset, scenic backdrops, full moon nights, landscape images etc. These images also serve good quality contrast that helps to bring out the double exposure images with greater style and finesse.

Go through Photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is one of the most oft used software for the purpose. However if you are planning to use this software it is imperative that you get to know all about the best ways to use it. There are certain principles and rules that must be mastered so that you can use Photoshop to make some o the most impressive double exposure photographs. This is where the essential expertise and skill of professional wedding photographs will be visible to us. These are the undoubted masters who can tell some of the most beautiful stories through these artistic depictions.

Closing note From what has been discussed about the topic so far we understand that this is one of the most technical aspects of the domain. Creating double exposure photography is far from a DIY thing. This is something that requires professional experience, knowledge, training and skill. Hence this is something that must be left to the expertise of professional experts. Professional wedding photographers can use this technique to create some of the most beautiful and romantic images for your special day. Trust their artistic aesthetics which are used to create really off-beat and unique photographs that hold promises of forever in them. So the next times you have such a requirement try the expertise of the professional Maternity Photography to create really beautiful memoirs from your D-day.


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