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  • Often we hear about the term ‘maternity photoshoot’, and the image of a pregnant lady, soon-to-be mom being photographed as the protagonist, pops up in our head. Now this image is not wrong, but it is not a sufficient one either. A successful maternity shoot can never be complete without involving the soon-to-be father and also elder siblings. Let us take a look at smart tips for doing the same.

    Go for a shared silhouette

    The idea of capturing silhouettes is an idea. The whole image created by these silhouettes can be fascinating. They offer an artistic and also a rather sophisticated and mysterious look. The silhouettes of couples or even mothers with their elder children can offer very emotionally rich content, making perfect captures.

    Plan early, be free

    It is only natural that your husband and elder children will have their busy schedules. In such a situation the entire episode must be panned early. The participants of the photoshoot must be completely free so that they can give their complete concentration and focus on the job at hand. It is imperative for great results.

    Plan for your child’s comfort

    When you plan to involve your elder children in the photoshoot you must plan for their comfort and well-being well ahead of the session. This will depend on their age. If your elder children are young then you must plan for their food, change of clothes, water, rest, and all other things. Plan to keep them happy to get good-quality images.

    Plan your costumes

    Costumes or the clothes that you wear are a very important part of the whole project. Hence this is one of the aspects of the projects that must be planned early. Color coordinates your clothes with your husband and children for the best results. Again the clothes that you are planning to wear must be in proper sync with the rest of the background that has been chosen for the photoshoot. In this situation, you can also take the help of a professional photographer.

    Go for natural settings

    If you are planning to involve family frames which will include your husband and elder children, then going for natural backdrops can be a great idea. Capturing images of you and your partner taking a walk or both of you playing with your elder child, accentuating your bump all the while, can be a great idea for a perfect frame.

    Work on intimacy

    Intimacy between the expecting parents can make some of the greatest frames of your lifetime. The phase of pregnancy is when a new child is about to be brought into the family when the expecting parents must develop stronger bonds. Images where the couple is holding hands, looking deep into each other eyes, sharing a special smile, a hug, or leaning in for a kiss can be arresting moments for a camera to capture.

    Full Family picture

    True here we are talking about Maternity Photoshoot that will include the father and the elder siblings; however, including all the other family members is again a great idea. It gives the feeling that the soon-to-be mother, father, and elder siblings are surrounded by a strong aura of love and care.

    Recreate the wedding photo

    This is one of the trends which are much in vogue in the current times. As per this trend, the couple is to create their wedding look, of course where the baby bump will be accentuated all the while. The wedding gown always looks more flattering on a full body, carrying a glorious baby bump. Albeit, work on the alterations beforehand for a perfect silhouette.

    Be well rested

    One of the most important aspects of getting good images is to look after you for the project. All the people participating in the session must be well-rested. This is one of the most important elements that will help all of you to look your absolute best.

    Work on looks

    Personal grooming is yet again one of the most important tips that can help all of you to look your very best. Hence a special haircut, a good shave, a nice shampoo, and some beauty treatments will only help you to get better images in the process.

    Enjoy the experience

    Often people are under so much pressure of getting good images out of these photoshoots that they forget to enjoy the whole experience. Now a maternity photoshoot with your spouse and children is not something that you get to do every day. This is one of the most enjoyable experiences and will create some of the most cherished moments of your life. Hence whatever else you do, please do not forget to enjoy them.

    Discuss ideas

    Always discuss your ideas, suggestions, and viewpoints with your professional photographers before the photo session. This is one of the approaches that will only help to make the whole project all the more enriched. Top-grade photographer pays close attention to the ideas and views of their clients. This is how you can get some of the most creative ideas for getting stunning images.

    Practice poses

    Try and practice some poses with your spouse and elder children just before the shoot. This is how a lot of preparatory work is done and better ease is experienced while the actual shoot is in progress. Your body language will have a natural poise and languid flow which will help you to have good-quality images.

    Can plan a destination photoshoot

    These days a new trend is brimming in the market, where these photoshoots are arranged in outstation vacation destinations. This is how you and your entire family can leave behind all the tensions and engagements of your regular life to relax enjoy and execute a perfect Maternity Photography session that will include your spouse and other children.

    Include pets

    Try this idea to bring some extra warmth into the frames. Including pets is a wonderful way through which greater dynamism, emotions, and creative artistry are brought into the frames.

    Tips for Including Your Partner and Other Children in Your Maternity Photoshoot

  • You may perhaps be pregnant and interested in taking maternity photos. Since it is a lifetime event, it should be captured the correct way. You do need to hire an experienced maternity photographer who can take photo from different angles. At the same time, you should also know how to pose for the session. This way, all your photos will appear exciting!

    Belly Shots

    These are some of the favourite shots of expectant mothers for several reasons. If done correctly, the photos can be quite beautiful. But then you need to know what to do and avoid making the correct poses so that it comes out good in your photos. This stage of life is filled excitement, change and anticipation. It should be documented well.

    Angles and Posing

    The professional photographers will know how to flatter the expectant mother and highlight her pregnant belly. Also they can provide valuable tips on the types of poses to do during the photoshoot. The fact is not every woman has the same type of body. This means, countless ways are present for women to carry their babies. It is necessary to find the right poses.

    Angles and Poses for Pregnant Mothers

    · Up high: You can lie on a blanket or quilt and your creative photographer will take shots from a height. This will reduce your body parts, besides your belly which otherwise might have gotten bigger while being pregnant. Thus, your belly gets more focus in the shot and will be noticed clearly in your photos.

    · Hands on belly: Expectant mothers love to touch their bump which is quite natural. This pose can prove to be effective to draw attention of your viewers towards your belly. You also get a place for keeping your hands. You can also mix it by placing hands on your hips, touching your hair or keeping in your pockets.

    · Close shots with your hubby: It can be a great idea to get close shots with your hubby. He may touch you in appropriate manner and the photographer will get close-ups of both of you together. This can be even half body, fully body and even without showcasing your belly. Basic couple posing is sure to work like magic.

    · Natural pose: You may look down at your swollen belly. But make sure your head is not tilted completely at some weird angle! Otherwise, it might appear unnatural, thus creating that ugly looking double chin effect. You should rather fixate on a particular point away from your bump. Do smile and ensure eye contact. It is sure to be a classic shot!

    · Sitting: It is a good pose especially if you are finding it tough to stand for a long time. You can feel fully relaxed and also be able to smile at the camera naturally. But such poses are said to work amazingly if shot as a couple or with your family. Also, the photographer needs to get the angles correct.

    · Standing: For pregnant women, standing pose can be quite flattering. You should however, appear and feel relaxed while in your pose. To derive more relaxation, you may pop a hip or bend a knee. You just need to be natural in your pose so that it comes out good in the photos.

    · Straight on: This entirely depends on what you are wearing for the pose and how your bump appears during the session. Your photographer will instruct you to get the pose correctly. Such shots will show that you are pregnant and have a large belly to boast about. You can even twist to one side. 45 degree angles can get the desired effect.

    Other tips from Professional Photographers

    · Wardrobe: What should you wear for your Maternity Photography session? Whatever you choose to wear, ensure not to hide your bump. It is the reason primary for you to get photos. Your photography can provide you with wardrobe choices based on location to shoot. Clothes clinging to your body will be more flattering and the best bet. Flowy dress will mean having to hold it under your belly to derive that defined belly shots.

    · Props: For maternity sessions, props can be properly used to make the photos appear more exciting. But make sure it does not get overly cheesy. Also ensure you discuss with your photographer and specify the type of props that you wish to use during the session. You can even get suggestions from the photographer. Do choose safe props.

    · Composition: Maternity images do lend creativity. The well trained photographer will play with colour, composition and angles while trying to break rules. But then you need to take directions especially if your other babies or small children are to be part of the photoshoot. It helps capture more interesting shots. Do experiment to come up with unique ideas and poses.

    · Emotions: Your natural emotions should be reflected well in your photos. You need to be in a good mood and plan the session in advance including your wardrobe. Remember, your emotions will be captured in the photos and it needs to be something good. Also you should feel warmed up and perfectly normal for photoshoot and not appear awkward.

    · Location: There are endless options to choose from. If it is your first pregnancy, then you are free to have your photo session just about anywhere you desire to have. It can be at the studio, outdoors, urban, in-home settings, etc. But you need to select places that are safe and not make you tired very fast.

    · When: The question is when to avail your Pregnancy Photography session. Expert photographers suggest starting of last trimester for the photoshoot, mostly before 35 weeks. On reaching this point, you might feel uncomfortable like getting down and up. This is because your swollen, heavy belly will make things tough to accomplish.

    Listen to your Photographer

    Do schedule several meetings with your maternity photographer. Discuss in length on your poses to do during the session and what expectations to have from them. Also avail useful tips from the professional to ensure your photos come out good as desired.

    What to Expect During Your Maternity Photoshoot: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Memories can be created out of any occasion. This is clearly visible from several practices that have attained a huge popularity in the present times. One such trend is that of Pre-Birthday Photoshoots. As the idea suggests, the individual whose birthday is round the corner often arranges for a photoshoot that although celebrates the occasion of their birthday but it is arranged a couple of day before the actual day. In fact this is a trend which is all the more popular for kids. In the cases of kids keeping up with all the celebrations of the day and ten getting them in a proper mood and condition for the photoshoot can become difficult. Hence this is a practice which is really quite fruitful for younger kids. Let us take a look at some ideas that can help you to have a successful pre-birthday photoshoot for your child.

    Be well rested

    As a parent you surely understand the importance of proper resting for your child. A good nap before the photoshoot can help you to have a happy and cooperative child. Such a child will be able to easy to handle and will give beautiful and happy captures. The work of the photographer and the family as a whole is reduced by a large margin.

    Keep food and drinks handy

    Favorite candies, finger foods, delicious drinks, cool water – are some of the items that can keep your child happy and comfortable all through the photo session. These items can be used to keep the child happy and refreshed at all points in time. These food and drink items can be effective break time paraphernalia that can keep your baby happy and comfortable.

    A setting most enjoyed

    The backdrop of the photo session is of utmost importance. It is the venue of the photoshoot that serves to be the backdrop of the photographs. When it is pre-birthday shoot for which a venue is to be selected then you must take into account the setting that makes the child happiest. Often it has been seen that young kids are the happiest in their own home settings. Their own home ambience makes them the most comfortable and helps them be in their own skin during the photoshoot. Apart from home you can also select places like gardens, play areas, theme parks, etc. The surroundings and ambiences of such locations are often considered to be more suitable to keep children happy and engaged. In this context your professional photographer can provide you with significantly valuable suggestions as they have a good experience of handling children on such occasions.

    It is a time for relations

    These photoshoots are occasions when the bonding of the child with the rest of the family becomes really significant. It is this dynamism, chemistry or bonding which needs to be reflected through the captured images. Hence you need to involve your family members into the affair. Including siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts for the photoshoot is one of the most wonderful ideas that must be explored without fail.

    Choose favorite colors

    Do not get type casted with colors. There is this stereotyped idea that for boys the color is blue and for girls it is pink. Seriously! Children and colors are just meant for each other. Keep the picture frames as colorful as possible. The greens, oranges, reds, yellows, purples, violets, – all of them are just so welcome into the frames. All of these colors are just as suitable for boys as they are for girls. In this context discuss the idea in details with your photographer. He or she is the person who can give you some of the best ideas and suggestions that can really make a world of a difference for the photographs.

    Visit for Maternity Photoshoot

    Be creative with your cake

    No birthday related celebration or event is complete without the ‘birthday cake’. In this case you can always experiment with the idea to add some extra zing to the entire photoshoot. Instead of a large birthday cake you can try smaller cute cupcakes that will be easier for your child to handle and manage. Again there will be no need to cut the cake as each cup cake can serve as a single piece.

    Can use themes

    Introducing children themes into these photo sessions can add a lot of extra charm to the frames. Popular Disney characters, Tom and Jerry, Prince and Princesses, magic and sorcerers etc are popular kids themes that always go so well and adds such a lot of extra charm. In this context as well you can discuss with your professional photographer. The suggestions they make in this perspective will only add to the beauty and char of the final pictures.

    Close to nature

    Children are naturally beautiful. So is nature. Hence bringing in elements of nature into your pre-birthday shoot can turn out to be a great idea. Include flowers, pet animals, animal babies, etc. Each of your photo frames will have a cuteness overload. However before you indulge in this idea makes sure that your child is not allergic with any of the mentioned idea.

    Soothe and comfort the child optimally

    Finally when you decide to go for such a photoshoot it is imperative that the task is entrusted to a professional expert of the genre. These are the people who have an in-depth experience and skill into the genre. They happen to be masters of great ideas and suggestions that can change the very quality of your photographs. Further these photographers are often very good with kids. They know the exact time when the child is in their best mood, so that the click is going to be a perfect one. These are the professionals who have the right gut instincts which are used to create some of the most mesmerizing captures. They can apply some of the best trends that are ruling the roost in the market. They can give a really creative, fresh and fun look to your entire pre-birthday shoot.

    Unique Ideas for Pre-Birthday Photoshoot

  • A birthday shoot is a photo session where a team of professional photographs click a person individually, and with his friends and family, on his or her birthday. The photographs create lovely memories that remain intact over the years. There are many aspects associated to a birthday shoot, explained in a nutshell in this blog.

    How to plan it?

    There are many aspects that you should take into account while planning the shoot. You should go slow and take your time to enlist the main points about organizing everything. The rest of the blog focuses on such aspects.

    Hire the best professional photographers

    It is essential to hire the most reputed professional photographers after reading their reviews by their previous clients. Also, it is important to visit their website to gather as much information as possible about their service features. It helps you to make a decision.

    Check the portfolio of the photographers

    You need to go through the portfolio of the photographers you plan to hire. In most cases, you would get the portfolio on the website of the experts. The details in the portfolio would give you insights about what you can expect from the professional.

    Conducting the shoot at home

    The most common location of the Pre-birthday Photoshoot is at home. You should remain prepared about keeping the place decorated. Also, don’t forget to get clicked with your family members and friends. The photographers arrange the necessary equipment sets for the photo session. You don’t need to bother about such things.

    Conducting the shoot outdoors

    An outdoor location is sometimes a preferable spot for the birthday shoot. It can be a beach side. It can also be a poolside in a 5-star hotel. Accordingly, the professional photographers make the arrangements complying with specific requirements.

    The time of the shoot

    You need to be clear about the time of the birthday shoot. In most cases, the photographers conduct the shoot in evening or late evening. But, in some cases, you can start the party earlier and get clicked in the afternoon. The key is to use natural light and artificial lighting optimally.

    The experienced photographers have good experience in using the combination of natural light and artificial light in a outdoor location efficiently. You can depend on their prolific skills in this regard. They are well-versed in focusing on each detail of the photoshoot.

    The cake-portrait

    A common shot is the cake portrait. You face is in close focus, place a couple of inches above the birthday cake. There are also other kinds of frames in this context. Here, the cake is used as a prop! Another series of photos is clicked when your friends smear cake on your face!

    The decorations should be beautiful

    You need to keep in mind that the decorations should be top-class. They should reflect aesthetic refinement to the last detail. You can hire experts who can handle the job on your behalf. Use lots of colours to adorn the place. The photos appear vibrant.

    The time taken for the photoshoot

    It is a subjective query and there is no definite answer to it. In some cases, the photographers remain at the spot for the full time of the celebration. In other cases, they remain for 1 to 2 hours. It is crucial to note that the longer they stay, the more you need to spend.

    Choosing the right birthday photoshoot package

    You should be clear about selecting the most suitable birthday photoshoot package. You may get some information from the website of the photographers. It is a better idea to directly ask the experts about various kinds of photography service packages they offer.

    Remain sure of the budget

    Planning a budget for your birthday celebration is one of the most important things that you can’t afford to neglect. You should be clear about allocating money to different aspects of your birthday.

    For example, the celebration has a separate expense – booking a place, decorating it, setting the menu, etc. There is separate expense to hire professional photographers for the birthday shoot. You need to enquire with the experts about the service rates. Usually, the rates are competitive when you choose reputed photographers.

    Candid photos make everything more interesting

    It is crucial to keep in mind that candid photos make the frames more intriguing. You don’t have to instruct the photographers separately for it. They are experienced enough to click lots of candid photos in the birthday shoot. You can remain sure of it. The photographers click you individually, and with your friends. You simply need to be yourself – that’s all!

    Even black and white photos can be glamorous

    Do you have a notion that coloured photos are the only option for the shoot? You would be sweetly amazed to know that black and white photos are also excellent options. Yes, top-rated photographers have technical expertise to take black and white photos of your birthday celebration. You can stay relaxed as the results would be more wonderful than you can imagine. You don’t get any scope to complain about the crispness and luster of the photos.

    Remain certain of the props you would use

    It is good to be sure of the props you would use in the photos. There are usually several choices you can explore. There are balloons, ribbons, gift boxes, etc. You can get guidelines from the hired professional photographers. There are many innovative ways to get clicked when you use a prop.

    Group photos make everything more intriguing

    It is needless to say the group photos in various poses with your friends make the frames intensely intriguing. You would be very satisfied to witness the results. The photographers try to take as many group photos as possible.

    Talk to the photographers

    It is essential to discuss about the photoshoot with the photographers you plan to hire. Don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions to the experts. Reliable photographers would assess your requirements and provide god support, meeting your particular needs. You can remain confident about a successful birthday photoshoot.

    What is Birthday Shoot?

  • If you are pondering about the most suitable time when you should be clicked in your pregnancy, there is no single answer to the query. The commonest window in this case is the particular period between 30 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy. But, there can be some alterations. The blog here tries to provide a clear overview on the matter. Here are the details you can consider.

    The photographers give you proper ideas

    The experienced photographers you hire for the maternity session give you perfect idea about the time when you should be clicked. In most cases, it is, as mentioned already, the duration between 30 weeks and 36 weeks of pregnancy.

    There can be some variations

    There is no hard and fast rule to determine the correct period to be clicked. In some cases, the would-be mothers prefer to get clicked when they are 28 weeks pregnant, or even 26 weeks pregnant. It is, at the end of the day, your discretion to choose the time when you would prefer to be clicked. It is a better idea to discuss details about the maternity photo session with the photographers you plan to hire.

    When you want to use the photos for invitations

    Baby shower invitations usually take place when you have entered the 30th week of pregnancy (again there can be variations). So, it is rational to get clicked beforehand. You can choose 28th week of pregnancy to get clicked. On the other hand, if you want to avoid the rush, it is better to go for the maternity photo session in your 26th week of pregnancy. You can easily use the images to adorn the invitations to guests for your baby shower event. It would be a lovely way to invite your close friends and relatives.

    Pregnancy issues can matter the timing

    It is essential to keep in mind that in some cases pregnancy issues can become serious factors. They can affect the timing of the photoshoot. So, you need to remain careful about the whole session. There is no need to take risk. There should not be any compromise with your baby’s health and your health. If you think that it is better to delay the session, then you should go for it. On the other hand, if you consider it is better to get clicked as soon you enter in your 26th week of pregnancy, you must go according to the plan.

    Seek advice from your doctor

    It is always recommended to get advice from your doctor when you are planning to get involved in a Maternity Photoshoot. An experienced doctor would guide you about the timing of the photo session from a medical perspective. There should not be any confusion in your mind when you get clicked. It is not a good thing to opt for the photoshoot if you are not confident about it. There should not be any trace of doubt in your mind in the session.

    Taking relevant precautions

    It is mandatory to take important precautions for the Maternity Photoshoot. There should never be any compromise at any stage of the session. The coordination should be fluent and flawless with the hired photographers. Feel free to convey your discomfort on any matter during the photoshoot.

    You must never overlook the requirement of following safety rules for the session. Expert photographers help you in complying with the safety regulations for the photoshoot. There is no need to worry about it. You receive full support from professional photographers you hire from a top agency. The photographers are helpful and sensitive.

    An exceptional case

    There can be an exception case when you want to get clicked when you are in your 38th week of pregnancy. It can be on the riskier side as you should be resting at this stage. Still, there are few would be mothers who prefer to get clicked when they are on the verge to deliver the baby.

    In such situations, the experienced photographers of a renowned agency take care of the matter efficiently, to the last detail. Also, the level of cooperation should be at the topmost level to make the photo session successful and everything safe for you.

    The environment should be soothing

    There are several factors associated to a maternity photoshoot. They add value to the timing you choose for the session. One of the most crucial factors is the environment should be soothing. It should be breezy and comfortable.

    If you are in later stages of your pregnancy, it is better to choose indoors for the photo session. Outdoor locations are preferable when you are around 28th week to 32nd week of your pregnancy. But again, it is your discretion. If you feel quite confident about it, you can easily go for an outdoor shoot even beyond your 36th week of pregnancy. Don’t forget to seek advice from your doctor, as mentioned previously in this blog.

    There should not be any problem with mobility

    Mobility is a priority in a maternity photoshoot. You should be able to move freely, especially if it is a video shoot. If you look stiff, your images appear lifeless and artificial. Surely, you want to avoid such things! You need to be ‘camera-free’ for the maternity photoshoot. Also, when photos are candid, they appear better. Expert photographers optimally capture your natural expressions in a wide range of frames.

    Remain flexible about the timing

    There is no need to be too serious about the timing of the maternity photoshoot. The window is flexible and you are free to opt for the most suitable period, considering the factors discussed in this blog. Also, reliable photographers would always be there to provide necessary information in more details. You should stay relaxed. The main thing is to thoroughly enjoy the Best Maternity Photographer in Delhi.

    Call the expert photographers

    You should call the expert photographers of a trusted agency such as Deys Photography to discuss about the timing of the maternity photoshoot. You can expect prompt and clear replies from them.

    When should you get maternity photos taken?

  • In recent years, the trend of pre wedding shoots has become popular. Couples prefer the photoshoot to chronicle their bonding before marriage. The photos create nice warmth and sweet memories for both the people.

    If you are eager to make a Pre-wedding Photoshoot successful, it is essential to keep in mind a specific list of factors and things. There should not be laxity in this regard. You should plan properly. It is not difficult to remain organized for the photoshoot. You need to keep calm. The blog gives an overview of the photoshoot.

    Check service packages to understand inclusions

    If you want to know the inclusions from the photographers’ side in the pre wedding shoot, it is important to check the service package. Different packages would have different service features. You should go through the details to understand what you can expect by selecting a specific service package.

    There should be an agreement

    Before you enlist the things to be included in the shoot, it is important to have an agreement between you and the professional photographers you select. It helps in keeping everything transparent. There is no miscommunication between both parties.

    Inclusion 1 — The dresses

    Both you and your partner should have clear ideas about the dresses you would flaunt in the pre wedding photo session. You should not have any doubt about the attire. A good way to address the issue is to consult with a fashion designer if you can afford such an expert.

    Most cases require you and your partner to wear multiple dresses for the session. Hence, you both should keep the dresses ready. There should not be any rush on the spot. It helps in keeping the plan intact. Also, you are more confident of receiving excellent photos.

    Inclusion 2 — A foldable small tent to change dresses

    When the shoot is planned outdoors, you need to arrange a place where you can quickly, safely, and comfortably change dresses. What can be the best solution for it? You don’t have to worry too much as a lightweight and foldable tent can perfectly comply with your need. It is wise to carry it in your car and install it quickly at the spot. The photographers take care that the tent is excluded from the frame!

    Inclusion 3 — A makeup kit

    It is obviously important to stay fresh and smart when you are clicked. Hence, a nice make-up kit is essential to be included in the list of mandatory things for the photo session. Also, it is intelligent to include a make-up artist in your trip to an outdoor location for the assignment. It would give you more confidence about the photoshoot.

    Inclusion 4 — Wet tissue papers

    You can never predict the weather conditions. So, it is a better idea to remain prepared for humidity and dusty regions. You need to carry wet tissue papers when you plan the photoshoot. You can use the tissue papers to gently wipe your face and keep your appearance fresh.

    Inclusion 5 — Artificial light equipment sets

    From the photographers’ side, the artificial light equipment sets are mandatory inclusions in the list. If the shoot is planned indoors at your home, the photographers carry the equipment sets. On the other hand, if the shoot is planned somewhere outdoors, solely relying on natural light is not a wise thing to do.

    The photographers need to carry the artificial light equipment sets to the spot to create a desirable environment for the session. Moreover, if there are shots at nighttime, it is mandatory to use such equipment.

    Inclusion 6 — Additional cameras

    Only one camera is not enough for a gala pre wedding shoot. Professional photographers don’t depend on a single unit of camera for the assignment. They are aware of the weight of the project. They usually carry multiple cameras wit equally comparable sophisticated features.

    Inclusion 7 — A written plan about the shoot

    When you hire professional photographers from a top agency, you can expect a proactive approach from the experts and focus on every detail about the pre wedding photo session. You don’t have to worry anything about the shoot. In some cases, they carry a written plan with them that tells about the sequence of the shoot.

    Also, as a client, it is your right to know about the sequence of the photoshoot. Hence, you can ask the photographers to explain the plan. Try to get details about it. Also, it is good to keep a copy of plan with yourself.

    Inclusion 8 — Props

    Do you plan to use props in your pre wedding shoot? Props can remarkably make the photos livelier. They can enrich the frames to a significant extent. Moreover, professional photographers have excellent technical expertise to click subjects with props.

    It is important to carry suitable props in your car when you visit an outdoor location or multiple outdoor locations for the shoot. For example, you can carry a hat, an umbrella, even a soft toy! In some cases, the photographers can arrange props. They have the responsibility to bring the props.

    Inclusion 9 — Food and water

    Don’t forget to pack some food and water bottles on your trip to outdoor locations for pre wedding shoot, even if it is in your neighborhood. You can carry some dry food items. Also, it is important to stay hydrated to avoid exhaustion. Hence, you need to carry drinking water.

    Inclusion 10 — Accessories

    A pre wedding shoot can become vibrant when you use accessories. Accessories are a bit different from props. For example, a pearl necklace, an expensive wrist watch, etc are accessories, not props. Hence, it is good to carry a box that would have the necessary accessories for the pre wedding shoot.

    Discuss the plan with the photographers

    You need to discuss the pre wedding photoshoot in details with the professional photographers you have hired. They would have some inputs, too. You should feel free to ask relevant questions to the photographers. Prepare a handwritten list of all the inclusions for the shoot.

    What is Included in Pre Wedding Shoot?

  • The feeling of maternity can’t be described with mere words. The heavenly sensation of nurturing a life in the womb for 9 months is more than ecstatic. Similarly, when you give birth to an angel, the newborn becomes your soul. The baby is your part and you both complement each other.

    Capturing the wonderful moments of maternity and also various expressions and antics of your newborn should be a priority. It is essential to hire the most professional photographers who would shoulder the responsibility of clicking you and your newborn. There are distinct benefits as explained in this blog.

    Freezing a magnificent fleeting experience

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life. You would want to live in the memories pictorially. Getting clicked is the simplest way to do it. The feeling of a would-be mother, especially when she is preparing to become a mother for the first time, has an unparalleled charm.

    The world changes for you during your pregnancy days. There are changes not only in your body, but also in your mental state. It is wise to rely on the prolific expertise of top photographers to capture your maternity.

    Your child would relive the memory

    When your child is a newborn, get the baby clicked. When he (or she) grows up, it would be fun to see his expressions looking at his photos when he was a newborn. It is a lovely way to relive the first few days of his life when he was a tiny tot. He would feel happy about it.

    Even you would enjoy seeing the photos. You would remember how you used to take him in his lap and cuddle. It is soulfully soothing to live in such memories. It would kindle the strength of bond between you both.

    Comfortable inclusion of other family members

    A good benefit of a professional maternity or Newborn Baby Photoshoot is other family members can be comfortably included in the frame. There would be no hassle at any stage of the session. The expert photographers would efficiently arrange everything.

    You can include your husband. It is generally the first priority. Also, if you already have a kid, don’t forget to include him and her. The photos would get new dimensions. The family photograph would become wholesome. It is genuinely an enriching experience. You can safely depend on the skills of professional photographers you hire.

    You receive professional photos at affordable rates

    It is always rational to hire top photographers to get clicked. The advantage of maternity and newborn photoshoots is the photos appear professional, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve it.

    The service rates of renowned photographers are competitive, complying with the general market norms. Moreover, there are no hidden costs in the service package. There are many curated packages you can explore and choose at your convenience. The budget remains under your control. There are no hassles that you face.

    Scope to experiment with various dresses

    Yes, it is one of the most exciting benefits of maternity and newborn photo sessions. You get plenty of opportunities to experiment with a wide range of dresses. For example, you can wear a gown, a belly-revealing dress, or some other attire for maternity photoshoots.

    On the other hand, you can make your baby wear many kinds of attractive dresses for the photoshoot. Also, you can use props to make the photo session more engaging. The photographers help you to organize everything and create the most optimal pose for the shoot. The experience is pretty immersive.

    Creating a bond through images

    When you want to establish a stronger bond through images, there is no better way than get clicked. The experienced photographers are aware of the techniques to capture the right posture and expressions. You would be more than satisfied with the wonderful results.

    During your maternity days, the bond is created by feeling the nurturing of a life inside you, and getting the expression framed by experts. When you are a mother, getting clicked with your newborn adds new dimensions to the relation that can’t be merely explained in words. The feeling is no doubt ecstatic.

    Hire the most reliable photographers

    The key is to hire reputed photographers who have many years of experience in the industry. You can count on their extensive skills. Ensure the photographers are certified. It is important to read the reviews to know more about the service quality you can expect.

    One of the priorities should be to explore the portfolio of the photographers. Generally, you can get some clear ideas by visiting the website. The portfolio is a good indication of their work. Accordingly, you can consider hiring them for the assignment. Enquire about the service fees. Place your queries by writing an email to know their service features in details.

    Benefits of Maternity and Newborn Photoshoots

  • A main concern of a mother is to dress her newborn during a photo session. There can be dilemmas. But, if you follow reliable guidelines, it is not a difficult task to manage. There are some specific ways to dress your newborn and prepare the tiny tot for the photo shoot. It is good to know about multiple ways to dress your baby. You should have ample flexibility to explore the options and choose a suitable way to dress your newborn. Read the blog to get some clear ideas in this context.

    Make the baby wear clothes that don’t wrinkle

    It should be a priority to make the newborn wear comfortable clothes that don’t wrinkle. Wrinkles can devalue the photos. You have to hold the baby in your hands or lap, and it is essential that the clothes newborn wears stay prim and proper.

    Don’t let the baby wear clothes that require adjustments

    There are some clothes for newborns that require frequent adjustments. It can become difficult to manage, especially when you are posing for a photo shoot. Hence, the key is to not the baby wear clothes you need to adjust often.

    Focus on highly comfortable and soft clothes

    This is a no-brainer. Your priority should always be to make the newborn wear clothes that are incredibly soft and very comfortable. Your baby should feel happy and safe inside the clothes! It is your responsibility to take care of the details.

    A pair of colorful shoes can be an option

    It would be good to add a dash of vibrant colors to your baby’s outfit. For example, you can make him wear a pair of colorful shoes. It would create more dimensions to the frames and you would love them.

    You can consider pastels or neutral colors

    It can be a difficult task to determine the most suitable shades of your baby’s clothes. The fact is – there is no hard and fast rule of choosing the most appropriate color as there is none! You can consider pastels or neutral shades to create softness in the frames.

    Remember that white is always timeless

    If you have too many ideas and you feel cluttered with them, it is best to go for the white shade. There should not be any confusion with the white color. It suits every environment and situation. Moreover, the white shade beautifully complies with the innocence of your newborn.

    A floral print cute dress is an option, too

    The objective is to portray the natural cuteness of your baby. Well, no additional effort is required for it! Still, you can consider making him wear a lovely floral dress.

    Don’t go for a detailed design 

    It is not a good idea to choose a dress for your baby that has detailed patterns on it. It may ruin the aesthetic of the photos. It is better to go for a dress that appears simple. The photographs would appear more refined.

    You may use a prop

    In rare cases, it is interesting to use a prop. It is not actually a dress or part of the dress. But, it can enrich the photos. You need to take care that your baby should not feel any discomfort when you use the prop during the session. It can be a flower, a soft toy, or something similar.

    Consider the environment

    It is crucial to choose clothes for your newborn consider the environment in which the shoot is conducted. It can be summer season, winter season, evening, afternoon, indoors, outdoors, etc. Accordingly, you have to select the dresses.

    Don’t wake the baby for the shoot

    An important point you should keep in mind is not to wake the baby for the photo session if he is sleeping during the schedule. Either you need to reschedule the session or wait for the baby to wake up naturally. Also, he should feel comfortable among a group of strangers.

    You can use multiple dresses

    As a mother, you can consider making him wear multiple dresses throughout the photo shoot. It would make the session more interesting. But, you should have the dresses organized and there should not be any confusion.

    Don’t go for too much experimentation

    It is wise not to go for too much experimentation while dressing your baby. The choices need to be attractive and comfortable. At the end of the day, it is about how lovely your baby feels, how happy he is and how successful the photo session is.

    Consult with top photographers

    You can talk to professional photographers about the New Born Baby Photography. There are many details that fall under the service. Ask questions without any hesitation. Also, learn more about the service rates. Top professional photographers would promptly respond to your questions without wasting any time.

    How should I dress my Newborn for Newborn Photos?

  • Motherhood is the biggest boon to womankind. Her ability to give birth is what keeps the creativity going and makes it beautiful. Hence the phase when you carry your child in your womb is one of the most beautiful times of your life. Being one of the most important milestones in the life of a woman, capturing its precious moments is imperative. They can be some of the most cherished memories in the life of a mother.

    Capture your best glow

    Believe it or not, pregnancy brings an amazing glow to women. This is that phase of your life when you look your loveliest and fullest without a doubt. Although several myths suggest that pregnancy affects the looks of a soon-to-be mom adversely, it is far from true. Capture this glow, the fullness of your womanhood once you reach the advanced stage of your pregnancy.

    You will miss your bump

    Even though your baby bump can be a little tiring and inconvenient to carry, you will miss it without a doubt once you give birth. Most mothers have been found to miss their glorious bump after giving a bump. One of the main agendas of your Maternity Photoshoot in Gurgaon is to highlight your glorious baby bump in different ways. Varied photography techniques and approaches are used and in most cases, this photoshoot occurs around the last semester of the pregnancy when the baby bump is the most prominent. 

    Strengthen your bond with your husband

    Maternity Photography is never complete without involving both the soon-to-be parents. This is one of the best ways through which you can strengthen your relationship with your husband. Although pregnancy and maternity are stages when the soon-to-be mother grabs all the limelight. This is when the soon-to-be dad can feel a little left out. These photoshoots aim at reminding the wonderful couple that joy and responsibility are to be shared by both of them equally.

    Celebrate womanhood and motherhood

    It has been agreed time and again that motherhood is one of the biggest boons enjoyed by women all across the world. These photoshoots are a wonderful way through which both womanhood and motherhood can be celebrated together. This is a fantastic way through which the soon-to-be mom realizes just how special a gift is soon going to be bestowed upon her and such wonderful days are ahead of her.

    Create some of the best memories

    Photography is one of the best ways through which some of the best and most cherished memories are created for a lifetime. Professional photographers leave no stone unturned to create some of the most aesthetically represented frames that capture the perfect essence of the event, creating the best images of your lifetime.

    Prepare a legacy for your child

    These photographs can turn out to be some of the most precious gifts for your child. They tell the wonderful tale of how happy you have been upon knowing that they were on their way to enter your life. It has been seen that most children love to witness these images of their mothers, fathers, and other family members. They help to create some of the strongest bonds between children and mothers.

    Enjoy the spotlight

    This is your time and it is only fair that you get all the limelight and attention! A maternity photoshoot is all about the soon-to-be mothers, or most of the session. This is when the main protagonist of the session is pampered to a serious extent, giving her the most luxuriant feel of her life. All the physical discomfort and other health issues you face just seem so thoroughly well evened out. 

    Take some serious self-care

    Often women forget to take some serious self-care while they are expecting. This is the time when all the care is given to their food, comfortable clothes, proper sleep, medication, etc. However, things like a good haircut, skin care, pedicures, and facials go for a toss. These photoshoots are a perfect occasion that calls for all of these and much more. Take care of yourself and look your gorgeous best.

    Introduce your first child to the joy

    Sibling rivalry is a source of serious concern for mothers. Even before the second child arrives, they need to deal with the insecurities of their first child. These maternity photoshoot sessions can be a wonderful way through which your elder child can be introduced to the idea that their soon-to-be-born baby sibling will be a source of immense joy for them and not competition. Mothers can plan the whole introduction episode with a lot of careful planning which will bring better emotional stability for their elder kids.

    Enjoy a vacation

    These days a new trend has started where expecting mothers along with their spouses and other family members head out for an outstation vacation. These vacation destinations act as the perfect spots where these photo sessions are organized. As a result stunning images are arrested and even the expecting mothers can enjoy a perfectly blissful and relaxing vacation.

    Perfect bonding with the family

    Apart from spouses, even family members are an integral part of these photoshoot sessions. In fact, including family members of both parents helps to create some of the most beautiful memories that are o be loved and cherished by one and all at a later stage. This helps the expecting mothers to bond like never before with their family members. Such family dynamism often provides greater security to the expecting mother.

    Get your vision

    A maternity photoshoot is one of the best ways through which an expecting mother can create and capture images of her, just the way she wishes. Professional photographers take a serious account of the ideas and suggestions of their customers and main protagonist while they are shooting them. Hence they try to capture images that will be representations of their clients which will be the most attractive and agreeable for their patrons.

    Maternity Photo-shoots for Every Budget: How to Get the Most Value

  • Pregnancy can be blissful moment for both would-be mother and father. At the same time, it can also be real hard. The expectant mother can be found to undergo lots of emotional swings during this stage of life. It is also termed to be the phase when you become a creator by giving birth to a new life.   

    Amazing Journey

    You carry your child within your body for nine months that makes the journey special and interesting! The fact is that pregnancy results in both emotional and physical transformation. Inevitably, you would be interested to capture those special moments so that they can be cherished for a lifetime. The photos can also be shared with others known, thus making it more unique.

    Consider Maternity Photoshoot

    Women today would like to treasure precious moments of her life including the maternity stage. Hence, maternity photoshoot is indeed an amazing way to get those precious moments captured in imaged. It will enable you to go through them again and again later in life and pass it down to the next generations. It also makes a wonderful addition to the growing family album.

    Formal Photoshoot

    Previously, it was the husband or some family member who would take some informal photos of the maternity stage. But things have changed these days. There have emerged several qualified photographers who offer quality maternity photoshoot sessions at affordable rates. They use the latest technology, camera and accessories for the shoot. Also, they advise on locations and clothing to wear to make the pictures appear unique.

    Studio and/or Outdoor Location

    Maternity photoshoots can be taken at the professional studio or at any outdoor location of choice. Discussing with the experienced photographer will help you to know all your available options. It will also enable you to take photos much to your satisfaction. Moreover, the photos captured will be formal and professional looking taken from the correct angles, thus highlighting your belly.

    Outfit to Wear

    This is a question that is asked by most pregnant women interested in taking Maternity Photoshoot. It can be a real tough to choose the right outfit as your swollen belly will allow limited choices especially when pregnancy shoots are concerned. It only complications matter further. You also need to feel comfortable throughout the shoot in the dress that you plan to wear during the shoot.

    Top Maternity Photoshoot Outfit Ideas and Tips

    • Saree: This is indeed an amazing option for any Indian woman. These are regarded as six yards of elegance that can work out wonders if selected appropriately. You may choose to wear them to show your baby bump before the camera, get it captured and highlighted. You are free to wear any saree type you prefer to and there are no restrictions.
    • Trail gowns: When gowns are concerned, there is some timelessness and elegance to it. When pregnant, you can wear them with pride to exhibit your baby bump clearly. This clothing also makes it easier and even royal at times. You can feel comfortable and carry it easily around your baby bump. They help capture your body contours and curves as well as its very essence.
    • Professional outfit: Traditional outfits are not the preference for many women when planning to avail Best Maternity Photographer in Delhi. Whatever you choose to wear, you should feel fully comfortable. Professional work attire can also be a good choice. It can be paired with a dress or skirt with shirt. Rather, the shoot can be ‘bossed up’ with such unique ideas.
    • Lehanga: Your wedding lehenga is a fabulous ethnic costume that you may wear for your pregnancy photoshoot. It is sure to make your dream come true. Besides this, your dream can become more divine with the shoot. You can choose to wear the one that you had worn during your wedding or engagement. It is sure to bring out that spark in the shoot.
    • One-piece Bikini: These photo sessions involve exhibiting baby bumps. A better way to display your curves will be to wear full set, once-piece bikinis. For this, you may choose to avail neon or solid coloured bikini costumes. They are amazing choices provided you feel comfortable wearing it before the professional photographer.
    • Casuals: Some women prefer to derive that street look or appear casual in their dressing. You may select basics like jeans along with denim jacket and black top to avail that casual look. Otherwise choose crop top combining it with shorts or dungarees. Flair dresses are also great choices. Casual wears can fit well especially in backgrounds such as parks, backyards, famous landmarks or even in your home setting.
    • Textured Clothing: They can include dimensions to all your photos and not overcrowd them in any way. Lace can be a feminine, beautiful option that can picture beautifully. Even kits are great selections. Textured clothing is sure to provide the photoshoot with that much needed extra edge. It is also a wonderful substitute for patterns and prints.
    • Solid colours: The prime focus in any maternity shoot will be on your baby bump. Hence, care should be taken to ensure nothing should distract this objective during the shoot. Solid colours will be the best selection ensuring baby bump is in prime focus. If desired, you may choose use a scarf or some jewellery pieces.
    • Bold themes: If you desire your pregnancy photography to have huge personality, then choose classic childhood themes, vivid colours and bold prints. Such clothes are likely to create that joyful, fun-filled statement within the maternity images. Hence, such pictures will enable you to place joy and fun first during the pregnancy stage. It will also show you are enjoying this period.

    Making the Right Selection There are lots of options available for your maternity shoot wear if you are clear with the concept. You don’t have to get concerned with the same. Once you have settled with your overall look, you are ready for the shoot. Do not wear hair, cosmetics or clothing that appear overly trendy! Your baby bump should be at the centre stage in every picture that you take. This way, you will be able to recall such special moments of your life.

    10 Creative Ideas for a Memorable Maternity Photo-shoot