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8 Do-it-yourself Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of a woman. This is the time when a woman’s face and body becomes naturally beautiful and glowing. During this phase your body is doing the most essential task of nurturing and sheltering the baby that is growing inside your womb. It is truly the most glorious honor that has been ever be bestowed upon woman kind. A maternity photoshoot is a wonderful idea through which this beautiful phase can be celebrated and its special moments can be captured to be cherished throughout your life. If you have been wondering lately about doing this photoshoot all on your own, on the basis of your own creativity, then it can turn out to be one of the most wonderful ideas. Several DIY maternity photos session ideas can be applied to get absolutely stunning photographs. Let us take a look at some of them.

Try the silhouette mode

The silhouette mode is one of the most popular forms of photography that can be used for Maternity photoshoot. This kind of photography has a simple yet sophisticated charm which is not really matched by any other style. Again taking this kind of photographs is really very simple and can be managed all by you at home. All you must do is select a sport that has dimmer light as compared to a source of light which is available in the background. The final images will show your dark silhouette against an illuminated background. This is one of the best ways through which your baby bump can be visibly captured in the celluloid frames. The expecting mother alone can be the only protagonist of these images or in other cases she can also involve her partner to create emotional and beautiful frames.

Go for outdoor locations

The venue or the location where you are planning your maternity photoshoot is of integral importance. It is the venue of the photoshoot which determines the background of your pictures. Outdoor locations which are nearby to nature are one of the best backdrops you can select for your maternity photos sessions. Since this photoshoot is being done by you or your partner or any other person in your family, who is not a professional photographer, selecting a background which has natural elements like flowers, plants, trees, Lake, river – naturally adds a picturesque attribute to the final images. These kinds of images always looks really beautiful and fresh which helps to give an ethereal essence to your maternity pictures. Do not forget to wear clothes which will show your curves and will accentuate your baby bum.

Indoor locations

Just because outdoor locations which will have natural elements in it can help to capture beautiful images it does not mean that indoor venues should be discarded as an idea. As an expecting mother when you are planning on a pregnancy photoshoot all by yourself or along with your family members selecting and indoor venue for the photos session can turn out to be really convenient. This is all the more true for expecting mothers who are facing difficulty in their regular mobility due to the advancing months of pregnancy. The backdrop of a beautifully decorated nursery, a well lit veranda with some beautiful plants, or a well lit window in your bedroom can serve to be some of the most spectacular venues to carry out a do-it-yourself maternity photoshoot ideas. They are easy to access and easier to decorate as and when required so that you can finally have some really stunning pregnancy photographs.

Use interesting props

There are several suggestive props which can add a different dimension and meaning to your pregnancy photographs. Posing with cute baby shoes, socks, a baby crib in the background, or a book on how to take care of New Born Baby Photography in Delhi where you are comfortably rocking on your grandpa rocking chair – can give really blissfully beautiful images of your maternity phase. These are some of the props which indicate at the eagerness with which you await your yet-to-be-born baby and the wonderful preparations you are taking in that direction.

Include the older sibling

We have heard so much about sibling rivalry that often the news of the arrival of another baby can turn up to be a concern for not only the elder sibling but the family as a whole. This is why including elder siblings into these photos sessions can turn up to be one of the best ideas possible. This is one of the smartest moves on the part of the soon-to-be parents where they can introduce their elder children pleasantly to the idea of the arrival of another baby in the family. A very effective way through which the elder children of the family can be made comfortable with the younger one is by making them responsible for the care and well being of the younger child. Arranging for a pregnancy photoshoot where the soon-to-be mother includes her elder children into the frame is a great way of beginning this entire process.

Include pets

In points of time if you your pets are as much a part of your family it should not be otherwise during your pregnancy photoshoot as well. While you are arranging and carrying out your own maternity photoshoot do not forget to include frames which will also have your pet in the same picture. It only adds a greater emotional content to the entire photoshoot.

Add humor

Humor is really important and can add different dimension to the entire photoshoot. Quality meaningful and relevant messages can make your pregnancy images all the more funny, light hearted and candid. These messages or humor depicted through other medium actually brings out the human essence of the phase of pregnancy.

Keep it simple

Finally keeping the whole thing really simple is the main idea. Just remember to clearly depict your baby bump in each of these frames which will essentially convey the message and will capture the essence of your maternity period. Even the simplest poses and postures can help to bring out your beauty really well.

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